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Welcome to the Zagaria Music Academy Family!
We Look Forward to Serving You!
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Welcome to the Zagaria Music Academy Family!
We Look Forward to Serving You!
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Bass
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Viola 
  • Cello
  • Bass Fiddle (Upright)
  • Trumpet
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Arranging
  • Copyrighting
With Over 65 Years in Family Music Instruction, The Zagaria Music Academy Team has dedicated its combined experience and insistance on a professional product - a standard which is ethics-motivated and easy to trust. This is the one and only place to find instructors certified in the Zagaria Vocal Method. The Zagaria Professional Experience promises to bring a refreshing, comfortable, and positively charged environment in which musicians of all disciplines and paths can feel motivated and productive while they hone their crafts under attentive tutelage. The Zagaria Music Academy Team strives to convey the idea that here- you are family, with personalized instruction, customized to your specific needs. Schedule classes In-home, Online, or at our West Palm Beach location.
Our Founder Jeffrey Zagaria has developed a revolutionary, cutting-edge technique, conducting extensive research in Classical Training and Speech-Level Development with a focus on skills such as Performance Technique and Vocal Athleticism. Jeffrey has worked with many popular artists, such as Celine Dione, Reba McKintire, Maestro Charles Floyd (Natalie Cole) as well as the World Renown
"Boston Pops Orchestra."
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